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Kermit B. Karns

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EOD Granger Wyoming at the U.S. Airway Communication Station as Assistant Airway Keeper, Grade 1, 19 Nov 1937.
Granger Station closed April 1, 1940. Most of personnel, including Karns, transferred to new USACS at Marshall MO.
Transferred to Columbia M O USACS, Grade 3, May 16 1940.
Transferred to St Louis USACS, Grade 4, Jan 1, 1941.
Transferred to Huron SD USACS, as Operator in Charge, Grade 6, June 1 1942.
Bumped back from Chief Grade 9, to operator, Grade 7, at Sidney NE September 8, 1946.
Transferred to Hayes Center NE, Oct 5, 1947, as Maintenance Technician in Charge, Grade 9.
Transferred to Imperial NE, October 29, 1950 as MTIC, Grade 9 (USACS moved)
Transferred to Kansas City MO, Nov 20, 1955, as Electronic Engineer, grade 9, in Establishment Branch, Navaid Section. Stayed mostly at Kansas City, going to Grade 14, May 3, 1963, as Supervisory Electronic Engineer.
Held various jobs in the Airway Facilities Division with some special assignments during reorganization.
There was a stint at the Minneapolis Area Office from January 15, 1967, to July 14, 1968. Also, a detail to the new Chicago Regional Office from May to October 1972, partly as a retired annuitant.
Fully retired December 11, 1972, GS-14, Step 7, Kansas City MO.

Some memories from my different assignments:
The Chief at Granger was James E. Brower, who also moved to Marshall MO. Some other employees were: Orson Topham, Merton Smith, Joseph E. Stogsdill, Ruben Hansen, L. John Miner, Stuart Rich, George P. Beckett; Harold E. Clark, relief for a time.
One of the stories told at Granger was that they were getting ready for an inspection. The floor of the living room in the men's quarters was thick with wax buildup. The guys decided to clean the wax off with gasoline. They got pretty well along with the cleaning, but there was a flash fire. The fire blackened the Firtex walls a bit. So the guys took down all of the wallboard sheets and turned them around, exposing a fresh side. The inspector commended them for having such a clean place!!
The chief at Columbia MO was James C. Thurber. Some other employees were: Arthur M. Burkhardt, C. G. Sims.
The chief at St Louis was Vincent P. Wilane.
At Huron, some of the employees were: Fred M. McBride, R. C. Wallin and Fabrian A. Griffin.
At Sidney: Chiefs: Leo Shull, B.R. King, Grant H. Brallier. Some of the operators were: Clyde and Harold Hengl, Elinor and Dorothy Doran, Daisy Stephens, Thomas Steenson, Joseph Steelman, Betty Frash, Arlene Oliver, Lillian M. Hanson, Henry Chandler, R. C. Clepper, Abraham L. Heidebrecht, Claude E. Longstreth; Robert Rowlett.
At the Hayes Center/Imperial stations were: Chiefs, Marion F. Poole, George E. Lloyd, Irving Bacon, Robert P. Young. Some operators: James Woodrell, Ruford Hobart Snarr, Jean Tough, Dorothy Lee, Elsie Case Carmichael, Walcott Burkeholder, Robert R. Strickler, Dean Christensen, Charlotte Combow, Dale Dahl, Harold Hengl; Maintenance, Delbert Myers, John B. Johnston.
While at Imperial, Kermit submitted a Form 57 for an 855 Electronic engineer rating in 1954, based on extensive R&D type work in trouble shooting and modification development. The SF57 was approved, with subsequent transfer to the Regional Office in Kansas City.

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