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Robert L. Hoffer

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Served in the Navy from 1932 to 1936 and attended RCA Institute in NYC for a year before going to work for United Air Lines as a radio operator in 1938. Entered on duty with the CAA in 1939 at Des Moines as an Assistant Communications Operator CAF-3. In 1940 transferred to Wamsutter WY as an Sp-5 Radio Electrical employee.

Then in 1941 assigned to Kansas City MO and advanced to an Sp-7 in 1942. Overseas duty as a P-3 and P-4 until 1944. Returned to Washington DC as a P-3 until 1947 when I was transferred to Honolulu as a Radio Engineer, P-4 in the Communications Branch. Promoted to Chief of the Radio Maintenance Section in 1949 as a P-5. Later that year I was made Chief of the Navaids Section as a GS-12.

In June of 1951 I became an Instructor at the FAA Academy in OKC as a GS-11. In 1955 I was made Chief of the Electronics Engineering Branch, Project Materials Division at OKC. In 1957 I became Chief of the Electronics Engineering Section of the Electronics Engineering Division at grade GS-13. In 1960 I was made Chief, Plans and Performance Branch, Installations and Material Depot at OKC at grade GS-14.

In 1964 I was made Chief, Quality Assurance Division, Installation and Material Depot at OKC grade GS-15. In 1970 I moved to the job of Chief, Engineering and Production Branch, FAA Depot at OKC. In 1971 I became Chief, Engineering and Production Branch at OKC and I retired from this position.

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