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Joe Brubaker

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Born in Illinois (1933) and grew up from the beginning of WW-2 in Washington, D.C. and after High School joined the U.S. Navy----4 years active duty as an airborne radio operator in the Military Air Transport Service, accumulating about 3600 flight hours in R5D, R6D, R7V and C97 aircraft.

Entered CAA in June of 1952 at Oakland Center as part of a class of 3, which included George McConnachie and Frank Cunningham. At Oakland, I was an assistant controller, controller, coordinator, crew chief, flow controller, team supervisor, flow controller again, and staff officer---transferred to Northwest Region in 1978 as a plans and programs specialist and subsequently to Seattle Center as an area manager. Proudly retired among many friends on my 50th birthday (also the end of the pay period). Except for the R.O. time, maintained currency on
control positions at all times and worked a sector my last day of duty.

Remained in transportation since retirement, with my spouse Sharon, we jointly bred, raised, trained and raced thoroughbred racehorses. Raced in 8 different states and British Columbia but now strictly in the southwest part of the country. A few of our horses had names related to the ATC profession; i.e.-- Flo Control, South Flo, Wake Turbulence, Vector to Hector, Queued for Takeoff and Squawk Ident. Also hauled horses and new horse trailers around the country with our own D.O.T. authorization.

Still doing this, but have reduced our involvement considerably. Now down to only three horses from 14 just a couple years ago.

Even after all these years, former FAA co-workers remain our best and closest friends. 1183 Oak Ridge Rd. Denison, TX. 75021 Phone 903 465 4543

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