Airway Pioneer Member
George M. Hedstrom

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Born February 17, 1917, Sioux City, Iowa. Sweden, 1919-1920, Lincoln, Nebraska 1921-1938 and Boise, Idaho 1939-1943.

Schools: Lincoln primary and secondary/ 2 yrs University of Nebraska-Lincoln

EOD C.A.A. 12/7/42 ATC Trainee ATC School-Seattle, WA

Change Duty Station 2/8/43 ATC Trainee APTC Boise, ID

Change Duty Station 3/1/43 Asset Arprt TC APTC Boise, ID

Promotion 11/16/43 ATC Helena, Mont.

Change Duty Station 7/1/44 APTC Seattle, WA.

Change Duty Station 10/21/45 APTC Boise, ID

Change Duty Station 1/7/51 APTC Pendleton, OR

Change Duty Station 10/4/53 APTC Boise, ID

Mutual Transfer 1/21/73 APTC Monterey, CA

Retired 6/30/73

Society of Airway Pioneers
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