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Thomas, E. Glass

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I started working for CAA/FAA in October 1946 in the installation of new VORs along the airway from Kansas City to Denver. This was in the installation section of the KC Region 5 at the time. I'm not sure if the Division was named Facilities at that time. We spent 8 years traveling and living out of a suitcase and moving once or twice a week. Helen and I traveled with a baby for several years and when he got old enough to go to school, I took a job in the Engineering Branch in KC Regional Office in 1953.

I worked in the KC Regional Office in many different engineering jobs until 1965 when I transferred to the Chicago Area Office in the Program Planning Office. In 1968, I transferred back to KC to the KC Area Maintenance Division. When they closed all the Area Offices, I transferred to a planning job in the Air Traffic Division in the KC Regional Office.

In 1972, I transferred back to the Airway Facilities Division in the Program and Planning Branch. In 1975, after 32 years of Navy and FAA service, I retired. The last 26 years have been the best years of our lives. We still live in the same house we bought when we moved back from Chicago in 1968.


Tom and Helen Glass

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