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Keith D. Burt

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Keith grew up on a farm in North Central Kansas. After High School he served four years in the U.S. Coast Guard. His college years were spent at Kansas State University and were followed by a job as a Fieldman for a Co-Op Oil Company. Keith had always wanted to work for the U.S. Government and when he was offered a position as an Investigator with the US Civil Service Commission, he took it. In 1963, one of his investigations took him to the St Louis GADO where the Chief, who was being interviewed about one of his employees, said, "you are working for the wrong outfit, and you should be working for the FAA". The Chief was so convincing that a few months later Keith reported for duty in the Central Region Personnel and Training Division in Kansas City, Missouri. His assignments took him through the various branches of the Division and in 1971, when the agency was adding Regions, he accepted an assignment in the Labor Relations Division in Washington.

In Labor Relations, he was the staff specialist for the first national bargaining unit elections in FAA. He participated in contract negotiations with both PATCO and NAATS and was the senior LR specialist for the NAATS agreement. In 1975 he moved to the Headquarters Personnel Division where he served as Employment Branch Chief and Deputy Personnel Officer. In 1978 the New England Region needed a Personnel Officer and Keith headed for Boston. Two years later he was offered the Personnel Officer Position in the Great Lakes Region and he felt Des Plaines calling. He was Manager, Human Resource Management Division in AGL for 10 years before being reassigned to Manager of the Civil Rights Division. In 1992, Keith joined a host of other FAA retirees who call Northwest Arkansas home.

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