Airway Pioneer Member
Warren L. Lee

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1949 SFO ATCT and PHX ATCT ATC Specialist
1950-54 ONT CST and GTF ATCT ATC Specialist
1954-58 LAS ATCT ATC Specialist
1958 SLC ATCT ATC Specialist
1961 CCR ATCT Chief ATCT Specialist
1962 SLC ATCT Watch Supervisor
1967 Area Office SLC Terminal ATC
Specialist UT, ID, NV
1972 SLC Tower Area Manger and SLC ARTCC Task Force
1979 SLC Tower Deputy chief
1983 COS Tower Acting Chief
1983-84 SLC Tower Acting Chief
Retired 1984

Society of Airway Pioneers
Robert "Bob" Long, Executive Director
Ron Cowles, Webmaster