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Harland S Goertz

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A degree from Colorado State University (then "Colorado Aggies") plus an ROTC commission, followed by 2 years in the USAF, qualified me to be hired by the FAA in 1959. Of the then 8 en route facilities in the region, ZLA was my last choice. But, as you would guess, ZLA was my assignment. It turned out well however, while a lot of you people were bouncing around from location to location I called the Antelope Valley home until moving to Washington headquarters in 1976. After a few years in headquarters I had the opportunity for an early retirement in 1982. My "second career", working on FAA related projects as a contractor, lasted until 1998. Both careers were very rewarding to me, partly because I have "crossed paths" with so many of you Airway Pioneers. I am thoroughly enjoying my current life style, which involves a lot of international travel, here in Spotsylvania, Virginia.

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