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Richard L. Peterson

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I joined the FAA October 1960 and assigned to the Training Branch. Chet Stalker was the chief. Ross Burnett and Helen Swift were my co-workers. I was employed to conduct the Instructor Training Course throughout the Region for those whose duties involved extensive on-the-job training duties. I traveled throughout the region during that time. The region covered all the Western states so I had a great indoctrination into the mission as well as the people who carried it out. Our region was like a big family during the early 60's and we knew most everyone.

When the region was decentralized I transferred to the Los Angeles Area where I continued training work and was transferred back to the regional office to work with the Management Team Action Seminar. In 1970 I applied for the Alaskan Region and spent over 8 years there before returning to Los Angeles in 1978. The Organizational Development program was big at that time and the Management Team Action Seminar Phase I and Phase II were our primary emphasis. Later the Leader Effectiveness Course was brought in to help in our one-to-one communications.

I retired January 1986. I live in Manhattan Beach, CA. I have filled my time with travel to England, Australia, Russia, Canada, and Mexico. I enjoy attending the Elder Hostel programs as well as doing volunteer work with other organizations.

I was born in Hynes, Calif (now called Paramount) in 1923. I was born at home which was situated between a walnut grove and an orange grove. That proximately had a profound effect on my personality I believe. The family moved to Nevada in 1929 and I had most of my education in small towns and one-room schoolhouses. I graduated from high school in Ely and returned to California in 1941. I got a war job with North American Aviation then went into the Army Air Force for my military service. I got to spend about 2 year in England with the 9th Troop Carrier Command. I came home in October 1945 and was discharged in Dec. 45. I enrolled and graduated from Los Angeles City College and Los Angeles State College in 1950. Got a job with the L.A. City Schools and taught until 1978. During my time with L.A., I took two "opportunity leave" assignments with the US Air Force dependent schools in Japan and England. These gave me some good opportunities to travel and see the world. I'm glad I did it while I was young and able to climb mountains, stairs, walk miles sightseeing and stay up all night partying. I sowed my wild oats then. I'm more into bran now.

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