Airway Pioneer Member
Arnold E. Price

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1952-55: Flight Agent Continental Airlines, Albuquerque, New Mex.
1955-57: CAA Flight Service Station Specialist (INSAC), Albuquerque, New Mexico and Douglas, Arizona
1957-1967: Air Traffic Controller Los Angeles and Denver ARTCC
1967-1969: First Level Supervisor (Team Supervisor) Denver ARTCC
1969-1970: Air Traffic Control Advisor, ICAO, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at Jeddah
1970-1973: Air Traffic Control Specialist in Plans and Program Office Wash. D. C.
1973-1976: Deputy Facility Manager Albuquerque ARTCC
1976-1985: Facility Manager Houston ARTCC
1985-1988: Deputy Director Airport Capacity Office, Wash. D. C.
1988: Retired from the FAA
1988-2001: Worked as a senior systems engineer with various companies in the implementation of projects to modernize ATC equipment and procedures.

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