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Gerald E. "Jerry" DeDecker

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Jerry was born and raised in Iowa, served 4 years in the USAF, and 32 years with the CAA/FAA. His duty assignments included the St. Louis ATCT, FAA Academy, Des Moines ATCT, Cedar Rapids ATCT, Kansas City Regional Office in the Air Traffic Evaluations Branch, and FAA Headquarters in the Air Traffic Evaluations and Analysis Division. In the Air Force he was a GCA operator, serving at Houston, Texas, Goose Bay, Labrador, and Phoenix, Arizona. Discharged from the Air Force in July 1957 he went to work for CAA in September 1957 at the St. Louis Tower.

In 1958 he married Joanne A. Britz of Moline, Illinois, and they have four children, and in 2001 they have five grandchildren.

As a result of the Evaluations positions, a great deal of travel was performed throughout the United States and he spent many hours in jump seats performing in-flight evaluations. He assisted in performing facility evaluations in 22 states and Puerto Rico. He retired from FAA in December 1989, and in March 1990 went to work for the University of Oklahoma at the FAA Academy. He served there for two years in the Advanced Training Section developing and instructing in various management courses.

At the end of 1991 he and Joanne returned to Des Moines, Iowa where their family all resided. He is active in a group of retired Des Moines Airport Employees; NARFE, where he is editor of their monthly newsletter; the Knights of Columbus where he is also editor of their monthly newsletter; and his church. He enjoys a yearly fishing trip to Canada, surfing the Internet, a major trip every other year, and watching his five grandchildren grow and mature.

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