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Rawley H. "Bob" Wright

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I hired into the CAA/FAA on Nov. 10, 1952 at Williams, CA INSAC. My first Chief was the late C.R. Waldbieser. We moved the Station to the Yuba County Airport in l953 and became known as Marysville Radio. IN Dec. of 1954 I transferred to Gila Bend, Arizona and in Mar. of 1955 I transferred to Los Angeles ARTCC. I was completely certified in all 12 control sectors and two AMIS sectors by the end of Dec. 1955. In July of 1957 I was one of the 15 original controllers selected to open up March A.F.B RAPCON as an FAA facility. I was the first controller checked out on the radar at MARCH and then helped train the other controllers. Our Chief was the late Theodore Culver. I left MARCH RAPCON for Ft. Wayne, Indiana Tower in July of l961, which was the first tower in the then Central Region to have an ASR 4 radar. In April of 1963 I transferred to Detroit Willow Run/Detroit Metropolitan Towers and Approach Control. We rotated between the 2 airports and the TRACON and had 14 shifts to work. My first Chief at Detroit was the late Dan Vucaravich and he and George Niles from Chicago O'Hare swapped facilities during my tenure there.

In November of 1967 I transferred to The FAA Academy in Oklahoma City, OK and became the lead Instructor in the Specialty Courses, taught an Air Force Contract course, Washington Personnel Indoctrination course, and wrote and taught the ATREP Course. While at the Academy I also took 16 courses given by the Academy. In August of 1969 I transferred back to the Western Region and was at Bay TRACON for about 1 year. I then transferred to Oakland ARTCC and Don Brink was my Chief there. He was replaced by Ken Patterson, Frank Jones, Erwin Buschauer and Vince Mellone. I left ZOA to go to Stockton Tower as Ass't Chief with Joe Cadero. I was acting Chief when Joe went back to MCC TRACON and then Bob Rowland came in as the new Chief. In July of 1976 I went back to ZOA as a Team Supervisor and stayed there until I retired on Dec. 1, 1983.

During my first tour at ZOA I rewrote the Operation Raincheck Program and administered that program for a year with "Road Shows" in Crescent City, Sacramento, Modesto, and Reno. The program was so successful that many Regions adopted it and I was told that it also went Nationally with the FAA.

Two of my trainees at ZLA in 1956 were Frank Jones and Erwin Buschauer, who later became my Chief at ZOA. Bobby Smith was also in that group and he was the Training Officer at ZOA at one time.

I see many names in the Airway Pioneer Annual of people I have worked with and for. I would love to hear from any of you that remember me and my email address is:

That is a Capitol O on the Ogre and the numeral 1, not a small l. For those that do remember me, I am as sweet and lovable as I ever was. :-) After I retired from the FAA I went to work for the NASA ASRS Program, and was with them for 14 years and 8 months. I was the Chief Analyst for 12 of those years and they are the ones that gave me the name of Ogre1.

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