Airway Pioneer Member
Bruce Hiles

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1952 - 1953 USAF Clark AFB, PI Approach Contol
1954- 1955 USAF Tinker AFB, OK Control Tower Operator
1955 Capitol Airlines, Milwaukee, WI Bag Smasher
1955 - 1979 CAA/FAA Indianapolis ARTCC, Controller, Crew Chief, Automation Specialist, and Data Systems Officer
1980 - 1987 Great Lakes Regional Office, Evaluations Specialist, Procedures and Automation Section Supervisor and, Procedures and Traffic Management Branch Manager.
1987 Retired from FAA
1987 - 1988 Chicago ARTCC, DISC Staff
1988 - 1993 Atlantic City, NJ FAATC, DISC Field Suppport, Manager OFDPS Support
1993 Retired from DISC
1993 - 2003 FAATC DISC Part time employee
2004 Retired for the third time - this time for real (I think).

Society of Airway Pioneers
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Ron Cowles, Webmaster