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Robert E. (Bob) Mason

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I was born in 1937 and raised in Barre, Vermont. At the age of 14, I joined the Civil Air Patrol as a cadet and served as an observer in the "Ground Observer Corps". After graduation from High School in 1955, I enlisted in the USAF and was trained as an Airborne Radar Technician on fighter/interceptor aircraft. I spent 3 years in Europe and North Africa, working on radar fire control systems on F-86 and F-100 fighters.

Upon leaving the Air Force in 1959, I joined FAA as an Electronics Maintenance Technician in the Alaska Region. After my initial training, I was assigned as a "Relief" EMT, and traveled all over Alaska for 3 years, a period that was the most exciting of my entire life. In 1963, I married my wife, Camilla, and settled down to a training officer job in the old Fairbanks Area Office. From there, I was assigned to the Fairbanks CERAP as one of the MLO's and then, to the Eilson RAPCON as the Radar Unit Chief.

In 1969, I returned to the New England Region and was assigned to the Boston Logan Airport Sector, first as a TID, then as an ARTS-III watch supervisor. In 1972, I moved to Windsor Locks, CT as the Radar/ARTS Unit Chief. Then, in 1974, I relocated back to the Boston area as a Program Evaluation Specialist in the ANE Airway Facilities Division.

In 1979, I was selected as the Assistant Sector Manager at the Honolulu Hub Sector in Hawaii. In 1981, I was reassigned to the ASM job at the Honolulu ARTCC. While in this position, I obtained CSC certification as a General Engineer via the EIT Examination and becoming a Registered Professional Engineer.

In 1983, I accepted a job in FAA Headquarters as a Lead Engineer in the development of the NAS Plan (Brown Book) and moved to Fairfax, VA, where I still live. In 1986, I was selected for a Branch Manager job in the old AES organization, which was subsequently merged with ASM. I held several Branch Manager positions within the Systems Maintenance Service until my retirement from FAA in 1992.

After retirement, I took a job with a small start-up company in Vienna, VA as the Director of Information Engineering and worked there until 1998 when I decided to "really retire". After a year of that, I got bored and took a part-time job with the Fairfax County Office of Partnerships as a Technical Educator (Site director), teaching computer operation and technology to low-income children and teens at various facilities in the county. This is highly rewarding work am I am enjoying every minute of it!

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