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Hugh K. "Ken" Carr

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I was born in Los Angeles on 11-20-31. I graduated from Manual Arts High in the summer of '49. While working for FAA, I graduated from Imperial Valley College in '58 and attended Fresno State '58 - '60.

I joined the Navy in 1951 and served as an air controller. Upon leaving the Navy, I joined the CAA/FAA in 1955 and worked at FAT CS/T 1958-1960, LAX Tower/TRACON 1960-1967. Chief SNS 1967-1970, Chief SBA 1970-1973. In 1973, I transferred to the Los Angeles Regional Office, Operations Branch. In 1975, I became Chief of the Tucson AZ RAPCON. I finished up my career as Procedures Officer at PHX TRACON, retiring at the end of 1986.

After retiring, I went to work for America West Airlines as Director of ATC Operations. While with America West, I started and was responsible for the annual AWA/FAA golf tournament. I retired from America West in 1998 and my wife Joan and I are enjoying the good life here in Chandler, AZ. Joan and I try to schedule at least one cruise each year. And finally, I was born to be, and absolutely love being, a grandpa

There have been many brother acts in the FAA; however, my brother Dan and I had some unique similarities in our careers. We both served as air controllers in the Navy, both of us were air traffic controllers in the FAA, both had tours in the FAA Regional Offices, both were FAA facility chiefs and, upon retirement, both of us went to work for major airlines working to improve the working relationship between our respective employers and the FAA with respect to air traffic control matters. There our similarities ended. I am admittedly wound a little tighter (less patience) than Dan and I conceitedly report that I am a good golfer. (I will probably shoot my age from the tournament tees this year. (See Dan Carr's resume)

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