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Jean H Glick

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I was always interested in aviation, even when I was a lowly clerk typist for the Dept of Agriculture in Chicago. Used to sneak out to the airport for 15 min of dual, which was all I could afford at one time. FINALLY, I got a private pilot's license back in the late 40's.

I applied for and was offered a job as Air Traffic Controller in Kansas City in the 40's but had just been married so didn't pursue it. Many years later I re-applied and worked as an Air Traffic Controller (Oceanic area) in New York Center. My husband was a trans-Atlantic airline captain by then and I was probably the only woman in the world who could tell her husband where to go and he had to do it!!!

I am now medically retired and a widow living in Florida. I still attend the EAA fly-ins at Lakeland every year. Any of you plan to do that?????

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