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Barbara Aust "Barb" Kenefake

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In 1962, I was recruited by Mrs. Audrey Mills for the Federal Aviation Agency. I was one of those Pennsylvania "girls" from Johnstown that came to work at FAA in Washington, DC as a secretary. It seems those Pennsylvania "girls" had a great reputation for being some of the best secretaries. From 1962 to June 1965 I worked for the Installation and Materiel Service (I&M), Plant Engineering Branch, Facilities Section. I worked for Richard Harris, John Kal, Joe Love, and Jim McManus. I also worked for John B. Driscoll when he was the Supporting Services Branch Chief in 1964 and again in 1965 when we were mass transferred to the NAS Special Projects Office. James (Jimmy) Dow was the Director of that new office in 1965.

From 1965 to 1969 I served as secretary to the Chief of the Systems Division (Jay Rabb) and Richard Frakes (Chief, Configuration Management Branch), as their personal secretary. During my tenure in National Airspace System Program Office (NASPO), I also worked for the Director of the NASPO Office, General Spence S. Hunn, USAF (Ret.) 1970/72. The mission of NASPO was to put in place the automated air route traffic computer control systems throughout the United States. This was one of the most interesting and rewarding jobs during my career.

In 1972, NASPO was then reorganized into the Office of Systems Research and Development. I served as Secretary to the Director, Gen. Spencer S. Hunn until 1975 when he retired from the FAA. I continued to work for the Directors of SRDS who were Norm Edwards (Acting) Dave Sheftel and Bob Wedan until 1979 when I left FAA to work for the Federal Railroad Administration.

I continued to work in the Department of Transportation as a Transportation Specialist until my retirement November 3, 1999, after 37 years of Federal service, from the Office of Motor Carriers, Federal Highway Administration. I was fortunate during my career to work with many great people, just a few who are mentioned here. I live in Northern Virginia.

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