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Vernon J. Gravning

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I was born and raised in the Dakotas until I was seventeen and after graduation from high school in June 1941 Uncle Sam had a job waiting for me. I served three and a half years of active duty as a pilot in the Marine Corps in WWII. I was released from active duty in June 1946 and was a civilian for five and a half years. I was recalled to active duty for the Korean police action for four and a half years and on June 29, 1956 I became a civilian again looking for employment.

On the day following my release United and TWA met unexpectedly over the Grand Canyon and I found employment for the next 21 years.

After training at OKC I was assigned to the LAX ARTCC at Los Angeles airport as a controller and remained there until June 1959 when I transferred to the Mather AFB RAPCON in Sacramento, CA. In 1964 McClellan AFB RAPCON began operating and I retired from there in 1977.

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