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So much life, so little space. My name is Rick Dawson. I was born in Detroit in 1945 and graduated from high school in 1964. After graduation I started my working career as a deckhand on an ore boat, then a ditch digger so all I could do was move up. In Nov. of 1965 I was drafted into the US Army. Somehow, just luck, I ended up at Keesler AFB and that was the start of my ATC career.

After Keesler I spent 13 months in Viet Nam but was glad to find myself discharged and in one piece when I got home.

I was hired by the FAA on Jan 15, 1968. My first duty station was IND. IND was a training facility at that time so it was understood you could not stay . They invited me to move to Peoria. IL. PIA was a CS/T and non-radar approach. 1972 found me in Dayton, OH at DAY RAPCON and trying to learn how to be radar controller. I transferred to Detroit Metro in early 1975. I was home again. My father was the chief pilot of the Bendix Corp and based at DTW. So I got to tell him “where to go” until he retired. I stayed at DTW, in numerous positions, until I retired July 1, 2001.
Today, I am the Grandfather of 8, Sec/Editor of the Society of Airway Pioneers, Regional Director of Star Touring and Riding, Manager of DTW Mature Controllers Group , and Editor of “The Roundtable”. No more time to work.

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