Airway Pioneer Member
C. Martin (Marty) Coddington

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1955-1958 Malmstrom AFB, MT CTO
1959-1963 Great Falls, MT Controller
1963-1968 Chicago (ORD) Controller
1968-1971 Honolulu, HI Controller
1971-1974 ORD Controller
1974-1978 MSP Supervisor
1978-1981 MSP Controller
1988-Present Herndon, VA ALPA ATC

Committee Member ALPA ATC Consultant
Mid 90's to Present:
ALPA Rep to work groups and implementation teams at:
ATA - Closely spaced Parallel Approaches W.G.
MSP - Precision Runway Monitor W.G. and Procedures Advisory Comm.
STL - Simultaneous Offset Instrument Approach Site Implementation Team
SFO - "
CLE - "
Washington D.C. - Joint Safety Implementation Team for Runway Incursions
Airport Management - 29 Years
Directing Official 21 World Record Flights
Holder of 1 U.S. and 2 World Speed Records
President of One Flying Club and Founding Director of another
Airline Pilot - 13 Years / All Piloting - 48 Years

Retirement?? Not reitred from Air Safety Work mentioned above.
Retired under P.L. 92-297 (ATC Career Law) in 1987. (Not in ATC Position @ Retirement)

Society of Airway Pioneers
Robert "Bob" Long, Executive Director
Ron Cowles, Webmaster