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Ward Baker

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Career History -- A proven track record of success in both civil and military aviation. Hands-on experience in flight operations, aviation safety, air traffic control, aviation weather, and airspace and airfield management. Extensive experience within the Washington D.C. aviation community and both national and international forums.

Aviation Consultant -- Affiliated with the Air Line Pilots Association, and previously with America West Airlines. Primary activities in the America West Airlines Operations Safety Department were directed toward development of the Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) program, processing and responding to pilot submitted event reports, working with Flight Standards on selected issues such as air traffic control/airspace, and, liaison with the Air Line Pilots Association Central Air Safety Committee.

Senior Staff Engineer -- Engineering and Air Safety Department, Air Line Pilots Association International, Washington, D.C. Served as principal operations staff coordinator for all issues involving air traffic control, airspace system changes, aircraft collision avoidance systems, weather programs, and other initiatives directed toward increasing the safety and efficiency of the National Airspace System. Acted as department manager during the absence of the director. Active participant in NTSB accident and enforcement hearings. Prepared Association congressional testimony on a variety of aviation related issues. Member of the working group that developed the Free Flight concept and the follow-on initiative that provided detailed implementation guidance. Assisted in the industry development of reduced vertical separation, airborne collision avoidance standards, and a number of other initiatives. Member of the FAA Administrators Air Traffic Procedures Advisory Committee.

Management -- Chief of a major staff function within Headquarters of the United States Air Force. Shirtsleeve experience in developing policy relating to airspace management, air traffic control procedures, operations, and navigation aids. Managed general flight rules and conditions under which Air Force aircraft operated, and issued guidance for airfield managers and Air Force weather programs. Prior hands-on experience in managing fixed base operations and safety programs for a diversely equipped flying unit operating under adverse conditions. Air Force point of contact with the Washington D.C. management offices of civil aviation organizations. Retired in the grade of Colonel from the Air Force on 1 February 1982.

Retired from ALPA on 1 November 97
Worked as consultant with American West Airlines 1999 - 2001
Still consultant with ALPA ATS Group

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