Airway Pioneer Member
Tommy E. Barclay

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Air Traffic Manager Oakland ARTCC 06/1998 to 10/2004
Air Traffic Manager Bay TRACON 03/1995 to 06/1998
Assistant Air Traffic Manager Bay TRACON 09/1993 to 03/1995
Assistant Manager for Operations Bay TRACON 03/1993 to 09/1993
Assistant Air Traffic Manager Los Angeles TRACON 05/1992 to 03/1993
Supervisor, System Effectiveness Western-Pacific Region 05/1991 to 05/1993
Assistant manager for Plans and Bay TRACON 10/1987 to 05/1991
Procedures Portland ATCT/TRACON 10/1986 to 10/1987
First Line/Area Supervisor Portland ATCT/TRACON 03/1981 to 10/1986
Troutdale ATCT
Journeyman Controller Bay TRACON, Coast TRACON, 04/1971 to 03/1981
Long Beach TRACON, San Carlos ATCT,
Salinas ATCT
Journeyman Controller U.S. ARMY 02/1968 to 12/1969

retired 10/3/2004

Society of Airway Pioneers
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Ron Cowles, Webmaster