Airway Pioneer Member
Kenneth J. Melotte

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Service time was Oct 1954 - Sept 1987
Worked in Central Region, Great Lakes Region and New England Region.
Hired into CAA at Chicago District Office, as an RET in Sept 1958. Dean
Slauson was DS
Transferred to Green Bay District Office in 1960. Hank Garsombke was
DS, Norm Amundsen was DDS.
To Detroit District Office in 1963. Ralph Bugg was DS and Chuck White
was DDS.
Transferred to Detroit AFFO with Don McCleod as Chief in 1967(?), upon
configuration of Area Offices.
Transferred to Chicago Area Office Navaids in Sept 1968.
Ass't Sector Manager at Lansing, MI in Sept 1970, with Chuck To Sector
Manager at St. Paul, MN in 1972.
1978. Ass't Sector Manager at Detroit, MI with Bob Carson.
Evaluation Branch Chief Great Lakes RO in January 1980.
Detroit Sector Manager in 1981.
Boston Sector Manager in 1984. Retired in September 1987

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