Airway Pioneer Member
William P. Kochis

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1969- EOD FAA- Omaha, NE- Electronic Technician- Radar/Comm- GS-9
1972- FAA Academy- BRITE-4, RML-6- GS-12
1974- FAA Academy- initial cadre of AF CBI course developers
1976- Washington,DC-AF-600(Jerry Thompson)-GS-855 Engineer- radar- GS-13
1977- Omaha, NE- PDEO- GS-13
1979- Long term training- ATSS- Berkeley, CA- MS Transportation Engineering
1980- Eastern Region-AEA-400(Clint Murphy) Deputy AEA-460- MOB- GS-14
1981- FAA Academy- AAC-940 ( Johnny Withers)- AAC-941- GS-14
1983- Washington, DC-ASM-Dep. Interfacility Communications(Paradyne)- GS-14
1985- Washington, DC- Office of Aviation Safety- AAF Rep- GS-15
1986- New England Region- ANE-400- Division Manager- GM-15
1988- Washington, DC- ASM-200 Division Manager- SES
1988- Washington, DC- ASM-1 Systems Maintenance Director- SES
1990- OKC- FAA Logistics Center Director- SES
1995- OKC- retired

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