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Frank King

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1946, Aircraft Communicator, Needles CA; 1949-50, Aircraft
Communicator, Ogden UT; 1950-51, Aircraft Communicator, Hanksville UT;
1951-54, Air Traffic Controller, SLC Tower; 1955, Air Traffic Controller,
ABQ Tower; 1956-58, Air Traffic Controller, BOI Tower; 1958-56, Air
Traffic Controller, SLC Tower; 1965-1968, Assistant Public Affairs
Officer, Western Regional Office, LAX. 1969-79, Public Affairs Officer, US
Army Corps of Enginners in Los Angeles, Walla Walla WA and Portland OR.
Retired from federal service in 1979.
I have been a free-lance journalist since 1960, when I was at SLC
Tower. I started out writing for newspapers and wire services in SLC, then
the FAA Aviation News, FAA Horizons and Intercom. After I retired from the
Corps, I continued free-lancing primarily for Northwest newspapers and
their Sunday magazines, McGraw-Hill World News. I also had the Oregoon
coast bureau for the Salem Statesman Journal for eight years.

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