Airway Pioneer Member
Michael P. McNulty

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January 1975-December 1978 USAF
Feb 1975- June 1975 Keesler AFB
June 1975-December 1976 Luke AFB
December 1976-December 1978 Tinker AFB [3rd Combat Comm Group]
October 1979-July 2009 FAA
October 1979-March 1981 Savanah ATCT
March 1981-January 1982 Opa Locka ATCT [only ATCS not to strike!]
January 1982-June 1991 Miami ATCT [ATCS/Automation Specialist]
June 1991-November 1992 Lake Charles ATCT [1st line Sup]
November 1992-November 1994 College Station, TX ATCT [Manager]
November 1994-August 1996 Amarillo, TX ATCT [Manager]
August 1996-August 2000 Washington DC HQ [ATO-120, AAT-100]
August 2000-March 2009 Herndon, VA Command Center
March 2009-July 2009 Herndon,VA Freedom Center
Currently working as a consultant in Washington DC for Thane, Inc.

Society of Airway Pioneers
Robert "Bob" Long, Executive Director
Ron Cowles, Webmaster