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Ronald N. Simmons

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Began Federal Service in January 1962, retired from Federal Service January 2007. Military certified in Tower, Ground Control Approach, RAPCON, Rotary Wing Aircraft and Fixed Wing Aircraft.
Civilian Commercial pilot's license fixed wing and rotary wing, instrument, multiengine, instructor pilot.
FAA career started July 1969 at OXR Tower/Approach Control.
November 1970 Lax Tower.
March 1973 BUR Tower/TRACON.
June 1975 PHX TRACON.
October 1981 to June 1982
Temporary Duty LAX Tower, PATCO Strike.
April 1987 Supervisor SBA Tower/TRACON.
While at CMD Lawton, OK. Temporary assigned BUR
Tower/TRACON SATCS duties. Split SATCS duties SBA and BUR.
January 1989 to MAY 1994 Coast TRACON SATCS.
MAY 1994 Coast TRACON moved to
Southern California TRACON, San Diego, CA.
Retired January 03, 2007 as
SATCS Southern California TRACON. Forty-five years government service.

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