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Hr. Jayne Long began his career with the FAA in 1955 at Oklahoma City. It has been through his outstanding management style and his exceptional perceptive ability that Mr. Long has made such a great contribution to the
F~ and the air traffic control system. Mr. Long has been the recipient of many agency' awards including the Secretary's Award for Meritorious Achievement.

During the 19608 and early 19708, he served in various positions in the Southwest Regional Office in the planning and day-to-day guidance of the Airway Facilities field organizations relative to AF Maintenance Operations programs. This responsibility included staffing, recruitment, training, and maintenance procedures, including the hiring and development of hundreds of Electronics Technicians and Engineers which are today the foundation of the Airway Facilities manpower support for the National Airspace System. During this period, he was a leader in developing organizational structures for Airway Facilities Sectors for improved maintenance of the National Airspace System. Also during this period, Mr. Long was directly involved with the implementation of new classification standards for the Airway
Facilities Electronics Technicians, which resulted in upgrading of the technicians and improved effectiveness of the Airway Facilities work force.

Another of Mr. Long's major contributions to the NAS occurred during his assignment as Sector Manager at Austin, Texas. Mr. Long was a leader in promoting and implementing the Management Team Action (MTA) concept within the Southwest Region Airway Facilities Division which subsequently let to the training of all supervisors in the Airway Facilities Division. He not
only facilitated in MIA seminars for others but Mr. Long put the MTA philosophy into practice. It was through this management philosophy that Mr. Long motivated his employees to work toward excellence which led to the Austin Sector earning and subsequently being selected for the honor of "Sector of the Year" for FY-81. The Austin Sector exemplifies the true spirit of team action in support of the overall air traffic control system.

It was because of Mr. Long's perceptive ability that he became a prime mover in implementing the Secretarial Grid Seminar training for administrative and secretarial people within the Southwest Region. This training has had a very positive impact on the administrative work force in all divisions and consequently air traffic control system. Initially, few, people recognized the significance of this training.

It was also Mr. Long's ability to perceive the more complex organizational and employee needs that led to his involvement in the Airway Facilities Human Resource planning. He was the key manager responsible for the development of this Plan in the Southwest Region. Mr. Long was also greatly involved in developing and implementing the Airway Facilities 80s Maintenance Plan in the Southwest Region.

Mr. Long's personal participation in agency wide studies or activities be in high demand and consequently he has served on many Washington Headquarters-sponsored teams such as the National Airway Facilities Human Resource Plan: Mr. Long has spent many, many days in support of national programs and consequently in upport of the air traffic control system.

The FAA Airway Facilities people and facilities represent a significant part of the NAS, and because of Mr. Long's influence on these resources, the air
traffic control system is much better off today and will continue to be better off in the future.

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