Airway Pioneer Member
James C. Morton

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01/68-08/69 SAT FSS & ALI FSS; ATCS 08/69-08/70 BPT CST; ATCS 08/70-08/77 LBB ATCT; ATCS 08/77-08/79 AMA ATCT; SATCS 08/79-10/83 CRP ATCT; SATCS 10/83-12/86 ROW ATCT; ATM 12/86-06/88 BPT ATCT; ATM 06/88-04/90 AUS ATCT; AATM 04/90-01/93 ASW RO; Operations Specialist and ATREP 01/93-10/96 ANE RO; Staff Manager 10/96-01/99 AAT-130; Air Traffic Evaluator 01/99

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