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Herb Schlickenmaier

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He is currently the Vice President for Aerospace Systems, Crown Consulting, Inc. Herb worked for NASA and FAA and was involved in the early days of wind shear research.
Herb worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for approximately 17 years. He last held the position of Director for Aviation Safety (Aeronautics Research Mission), where he was responsible for the overall planning, management and evaluation of NASA's efforts to conduct high-quality, cutting-edge research to produce tools, methods, and technologies to improve the intrinsic safety attributes of current and future aircraft, as well as enable the vision for the Next Generation Air Transportation System. He was responsible for an $80M-a-year budget and over 275 civil servants at each of the four NASA Research Centers.
He also held NASA positions of Deputy Director for Fundamental Aeronautics, Deputy Director for Vehicle Systems, Program Assessment and Evaluation Lead, Associate Director for Programs and Aeronautics Controls and Guidance Program Manager. Herb was involved in NASA’s research in advanced flight controls and systems, including airborne windshear, advanced cockpit and air traffic control integration, controls and guidance for supersonic and hypersonic vehicles, military aircraft controls technology, and control theory.
Herb worked for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for 18 years, where he was an Aircraft and System Safety Researcher. Herb was involved in research involving aircraft safety technology and operations. From 1985-1987, Herb was the associate program manager for the windshear training aid, and from 1986-1991 he led the airborne windshear advanced technology program. In 1988, Herb was the Senior FAA Representative to International Civil Aviation Organization’s “First Asia & Pacific Seminar on Windshear and Weather Related Aeronautical Problems,” Bangkok, Thailand. Herb was the FAA expert witness to the NTSB regarding R&D programs addressing windshear in the Delta Flight 191 accident hearing, Dallas, TX. He was also the FAA expert witness to the NTSB regarding R&D programs addressing windshear in the Pan Am Flight 759 hearing in New Orleans, LA. (From 1973-1975

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