Airway Pioneer Member
Paul A. Arnholt

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Feb 1960-June 1969,NHK,NXX,NSC ATCS USNR; June 1969-March1974 HPN ATCS; March 1974-July 1977 PHL ATCS; July 1977-March 1979 LWB SATCS; March 1979-May 1980 AEA510 ATCS; May 1980-March 1983 CRW SATCS; March 1983-June 1995 PIT ATCS,SATCS; Retired FAA June 1995; March 1979-Dec 1995 NGU ACCS, USNR; Retired USN Dec 1995; June 1995-Sept 2005 Community College of Beaver County, Assistant Professor Aviation Sciences, CTI Program Director, Manager BVI,NFCT, Retired Sept. 2005.

Society of Airway Pioneers
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