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Ronald M. Regan

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USAF 1966-1970 Maguire AFB NJ. Air traffic Controller FAA 1970-2002. 1970-1973 at LGAT as an ATCS. 1974-1976 at the NY CIFRR (predecessor of the NY TRACON) qualified in all three areas of specialization (LGA, EWR, and JFK) 1977-1978 LGAT as an area supervisor ATCS. 1979-2002 at the NY TRACON as an Area Supervisor, then an Area Manager, STMC Supervisory TRaffic Management Coordinator, an Shift Operations Manager and spent the last four years as the facility Traffic Management Officer (TMO). From January 2002 until November 2010, I worked for Computer Sciences Corp as a senior software ENG. was on the team that created the DSP (Departure Spacing Program) and introduced it to the Northeast corridor ATC hubs. I then was transfers to the TMA ( Traffic Management Advisor) program development and represented CSC at the NY ARTCC. In November 2010, Lockheed took over the TMA contract and I was hired by Metron Aviation to represent them, as well as Lockheed Martin, at ZNY ARTCC until my retirement from all endeavours on May 29th 2015. I still do some consulting work for NASA and San Diego State University on the TBFM (Time Based Flow Management) system. This system is the renamed new version of TMA.

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